Services, Payment Options, and Fees

Systems and Components of the Inspection 
Our home inspection service is a visual inspection of the structural elements and systems which are accessible. This typically includes:
 Exterior Features
 Porches and Decks
 Electrical Systems
 Plumbing Systems
 Doors and Windows
 Heating and Air Conditioning Systems
Extra services are also available, including: Radon Gas TestingTermite Inspections, and Verification of Repairs, as well as some selections of a more in-depth inspection of the home in various areas as may be desired.  See Fee Schedule below for more information.
We encourage you to attend your inspection (or at least some portion of it) so that you may ask questions and gain a better understanding of the inspection and the systems in the home.
Payment Options
We accept VisaMasterCardDiscover, and American Express credit cards and debit cards for your convenience.  Other optional methods of payment include personal check, cash, cashier's check, and money order.  We also offer a "Bill to Closing" service in which we invoice the fees to the time when you actually close on the home.  (For more fee details see below).
Fees for Our Inspection Services
Size of the Home in Square Feet:
Up to 2000 - (typically 3 bedrooms and 2 to 3 bathrooms) $300
2001 to 3000 - (typically 4 bedrooms and 3+ bathrooms) $350
3001 to 4000 $425
4001 to 5000 $500
Over 5000 square feet  **  10 cents per S/F
Additional Fees for Certain Conditions
Extra Kitchen No Charge
Extra Furnace and/or Air Conditioner System No Charge
Home Over 50 Years Old $50
Crawlspace Below the Home - fee applies only if it is entered by the inspector (see below). $75
Inspection of Detached Buildings See Below
Trip Fee - note that 98% of our inspections have no trip fee See Below
Extra Services Available
Termite Inspection *** $50
Professional Radon Monitor Testing *** $125
Verification of Repairs/Re-Inspection $275
Delayed Payment/Bill-to-Closing Invoice Fee $50
Detached Building - Garage Doors/Openers Only No Charge
Detached Building - All Mechanical Systems $75
Detached Building - Full Structural and Mechanical $125
Duplex Inspection - Both Units $525
Triplex Inspection - All Three Units $750
Fourplex Inspection - All Four Units $950
"Mechanical-Only" Inspection $275
 *  Fee for Older Homes:  The base fees listed above are for homes that are less than 50 years old.  Additional fees apply to homes over 50 years old because they usually take longer to inspect and typically require increased time for the report preparation afterward, due to more conditions and photos to document in the report.  
 * Crawlspace Fee: There is a fee for below-the-home crawlspaces because they require not only the additional time to inspect but the use of more equipment.  They can also expose the inspector to an increased risk of injury and/or insect bites, snakes, mice and other animals, dust and chemical exposures, mold, and other potentially adverse environmental conditions.  Note: the crawlspace fee may be reduced, depending on the access, conditions, and size of the crawlspace.  The crawlspace fee will usually be waived entirely if the inspector only views it from the opening per the client.  Discuss this with your inspector.
 * Trip Fee: There is no trip fee for about 98% of our inspections.  Nearly all homes in the greater Kansas City area are within 35 miles of our office, and as such there is no trip fee for those inspections.  For 35 to 50 miles from the office, add just $35.  If over 50 miles from the office, add $50 plus $1 for each mile over 50 miles.  For any extra trips required to finish an inspection (due to utilities being off the first time or other reasons) a $75 fee is due payable on the first arrival, which may be reduced or waived under certain circumstances.  The standard $125 radon fee includes a second trip to the home within 35 miles of our office - for homes farther from our office there would be a second added trip fee for the radon test. 
 ** Homes Over 5000 Square Feet: The fee for very large homes is simply 10 cents per square foot.  Examples: for a 5600 square-foot home, the fee would be $560, and a 7800 square-foot home would be $780.
 *** Termite and Radon Fees:  The Termite and Radon Fees listed above are the prices when ordered with a home inspection.  For those clients who want a Termite Inspection or a Radon Test without the home inspection, the Termite Inspection is $75 and the Radon Test is $150.  You can receive a reduced rate on this $150 if your home is within five miles of our office.  For those homes more than 35 miles from our office an added radon trip fee may apply.
For termite inspections of multi-unit dwellings the fees are just $25 for each additional unit:  A single unit is $50.  Two units together (duplex) is $75.  Three units (tri-plex) is $100.  Four units (four-plex) is $125.
There are additional services we can provide. Please contact us if the service you need is not listed, or if you have any questions about our home inspection services.